The Huffington Post ran an article Dec. 2 titled "10 American Spots You Don't Know About Yet, But Should." Prescott was #3 on the list! The story was based on a report from Trip Advisor, which reported places across the country that are garnering the most buzz as well as the greatest positive feedback from visitors. 

Take a Deep Breath - Prescott is ranked #1 in the Top 25 Cleanest Cities nationally for year-round particle pollution, according to the American Lung Association's "State of the Air" report for 2014. 

Prescott Cost-of-Living Below National Average - Prescott's cost-of-living is below the national average. 2014 3rd quarter figures for Prescott came in at 97.4 vs. the national average of 100. Other Arizona cities participating in the cost-of-living survey and their composite rankings were: Flagstaff (118.2), Lake Havasu City (101.3), Yuma (102.5), Sierra Vista (96.6), Phoenix (95.7) and Tucson (96.8). 

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